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Basler Standard    

(abbreviation BN). The companies with the highest turnovers in the Swiss chemical and pharmaceutical industry are concentrated in and around Basel. Alongside the existing standards these companies have introduced their own standards (Basel Standards), especially for apparatus and their accessories. For example, fitting dimensions for agitator seals are laid down in Basler Norm 81 and 92:
BN 81:
Agitation vessels; mechanical seals, double-acting, without integral bearing. Section 1, for vessels made of steel and stainless steel.
Section 2, for enamelled steel vessels. Section 3, for enamelled steel vessels in accordance with DIN 28 136, T3
and shaft ends in accordance with DIN 28 159. BN 92: Agitation vessels; mechanical seals, single-acting, without integral bearing. Section 1, for agitation vessels made of steel; stainless steel; enamelled steel and vulcanised steel.